Clearing the workspace folder from API

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We recommend that you read the Getting started with Kameleo Automation article before reading this one.

Kameleo is storing all the virtual browser profile configurations locally in the workspace folder unless you delete each of them by calling the DeleteProfile endpoint. After some time of coding, you may realize that the workspace folder has grown bigger, and several virtual browser profiles are listed by Kameleo. You can simply delete all of them with the following code:

  • const profiles = await client.listProfiles();
    for (const profile of profiles) {
      await client.deleteProfile(;

    See full example here.

  • var profiles = await client.ListProfilesAsync();
    foreach (var profile in profiles)
      await client.DeleteProfileAsync(profile.Id);

    See full example here.

  • profiles = client.list_profiles()
    for profile in profiles:

    See full example here.

Alternatively, you can delete the Workspace folder when Kameleo is not running. Note that all virtual browser profiles will be deleted. Default location of Workspace folder: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Kameleo\Workspace

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