Breaking API changes in Kameleo 3.0.0

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As we released Kameleo v3, we introduced some breaking API changes. All of these changes can be fixed easily by following this article.

First, please update your Kameleo Local Api Client version to 3.0.0

Fundamental API changes

We want to mention two fundamental changes.


Now, virtual browser profiles are stored automatically in your workspace folder. By default, the location is:


Every time you create a profile, it is persistently stored. Once Kameleo.CLI.exe is restarted, these profiles are loaded automatically.

If you want to free up resources because you won't reuse them, please check the following article about How to clean-up workspace.

If you want, you can also change the workspace folder by following this article.

You can still export the virtual browser profiles to a .kameleo file. These endpoints changed a bit. Now SaveProfile is called ExportProfile, and LoadProfile is called ImportProfile. See more details in our article.

Chroma - launcher changes, browser deprecations

We deprecated Google Chrome and Edge launchers as we could not modify them natively, and we couldn't stay up to date with these browsers. Instead, we introduced

  • Chroma (for Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Mobile Base Profiles)
  • Junglefox (for Firefox Base Profiles).

From now on,

  • you can't change the launcher for desktop profiles (the default is automatic).
  • You can change it only for mobile profiles (chromium or external).

More information on Browser built-in to Kameleo is in our article. It is also worth to read our fresh Terminology.

Other API changes

Here, we collect all the necessary updates you need to do on your code to make it work with Kameleo Local Api Client v3.

Profile preferences & options

The name of the

POST /profiles/{guid}/start

endpoint is changed from StartProfileWithAdditionalWebDriverSettings to StartProfileWithOptions.

To see how to use it now, please check this article.

Deprecated plugin spoofing options

As we examined modern browsers, we realized that plugins no longer need to be spoofed as they perfectly work with our native spoofing in Chroma and Junglefox.

This is not a breaking API change, but please note that your profile objects won't have a properties related to plugins and plugins spoofing any more.

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