Using Kameleo with 922 S5 proxy

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  1. The process is simple. Open the 922 S5 client and log in, click ProxyList on the menu.
  2. Filter the country/state/city, click "Search" to get the IP list of the target area; or directly search the zip code/target IP segment of the target city for quick positioning.
  3. Click General Settings, where you can configure the required port number and country search range. The maximum number of ports that can be set each time is 500.
  4. Right click on IP for setting local port. You can set multiple proxies for different ports to use with Kameleo virtual browser.
  5. Click PortForwardList to copy the Local IP and port.
  6. Open the Kameleo client and enter the proxy information.

    Proxy type select SOCKS5, Local IP and port in the previous step click "Copy" to copy and paste here. You can test the credentials with the Test Proxy button. 

    Click OK to apply the proxy.



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