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Scalinfinity Agency provides Facebook agency ad accounts that are created and validated directly by Facebook. Their ad accounts have no daily Limit spend, they don’t need any warmup and they are more stable for high and fast scaling. Scalinfinity also helps its clients to set up an advanced structure in order to avoid bans.

By joining Scalinfinity you get access to unlimited agency ad accounts and direct chat with their experts.

Managing Facebook ad accounts with Kameleo is probably the safest way. All you need to do is, create a virtual browser profile in Kameleo for each of your Facebook profiles. Set up a good residential proxy for each virtual browser profile. You will only need to log in to each ad account once as the virtual browser profile can be reloaded at any time, and websites will keep all your accounts logged in, but they will see all of them as another computer. The easiest way to start working with a proper ad account is to get them from Scalinfinity.

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