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One of the simplest ways to change your IP with Kameleo is to connect to a proxy provided by Proxy 302.


You can find more than 65 million IPs from more than 240 countries. Proxy302 offers 5 different IP networks: Dynamic Residential, Dynamic Data-center, Static Residental (ISP), Static Data-center, and Socks5 Proxies

You can test all proxy types with $5 in Proxy302. The dashboard is easy to use and reliable without downloading App, You can generate a proxy online and Proxy302 provides plugins and aids for free.

You can select two types of pricing model in Proxy302 :

  • Charge by IP: Static IP is as low as $0.25 / IP / day
  • Charge by traffic: Data-center:$1/GB, Residential/Static Residential (ISP): $5/GB

Proxy302 provides over 65 million residential proxies that allow you to target countries, regions, and cities.

Proxy302 can meet all kinds of business needs. You can read full of the documentation about their service here.

Start using Kameleo with Proxy302.

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