Mobile Profiles on Desktop

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Kameleo makes it possible to run mobile browsers in a sandboxed environment on your PC.

About Kameleo mobile profiles

Kameleo lets you browse with mobile profiles on an actuala real Android device. We encourage you to do your own research, as trial and error is the best teacher for finding out what works best for your work. However, our research shows that PC emulated mobile profiles work better most of the time. In this case, you won't need any Android device because Chroma will emulate the mobile browser, be it Chrome or Safari.

How to start a mobile profile on a desktop PC?

When you create a new profile, you can set the Device to Mobile to access thousands of mobile fingerprints. To start the profile on your laptop, leave the selection on “Emulate mobile on PC” and select your desired OS and Browser. Just hit Save and Start and you are ready to go!

GIF 5 - mobile profile on desktop.gif



You can also set up a proxy in the built-in proxy manager.

IMAGE 5 - Select mobile profile for Android.png

Then simply click Start. Our custom-built, Chromium based Chroma will start to emulate the mobile profile. It can emulate Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.


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