Using Kameleo with Smartproxy

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Smartproxy is determined to provide easy-to-use data access solutions and proxy management tools for anyone. Smartproxy gives users access to 40M+ unique IP addresses every month in 195+ locations, states and cities worldwide. Their products are easy to use with any software, automation script or web scraper.

It is also easy to connect with Kameleo.

If you are already a subscribed member of Smartproxy, simply select Residential or Datacenter proxies.


In this example, a residential proxy will be used.

  1. Click on the Authentication method, then select username/password or Whitelisted IP. With a username/password, you can give the credentials for the proxy details. We recommend this way.
    You can also whitelist your IP, but please make sure that your IP is not dynamic and double-check it every time.
  2. Then, navigate to the Endpoint generator, where you can copy the data for a new Kameleo profile.

    Please add the same values to the Authentication method that you have given in the previous step if you will use the Username/password. Choose whitelisted IP, if you have previously added your IP to the whitelist.

  3. Then select your proxies location based on the Kameleo profile and vice versa.
    With Smartproxy you can have proxies from all over the world. Here they summarize the benefits of the regions:

  4. You can also select the Session type: Sticky or Rotating.
    The sticky port system will assign you an IP for up to 30 minutes. The rotating port system will automatically rotate your IP address.

    We also recommend checking Smartproxy's Documentation, where you can find all answers of your questions on the proxy topic.

  5. After you set everything, you can copypaste from the right panel the proxy data to Kameleo's profile.
  6. You can simply paste them if they are in HTTP (username:password@IP:port)
  7. You can enjoy the full protection of Smartproxy!

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