Using Kameleo with Dove Proxy

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How to set up Dove Proxy with Kameleo?

It is really easy.

  1. On the menu, click on Channel Management under API & Integrations.

  2. Click on Create. Add a name to the channel. Choose between a Mobile proxy or a Dynamic Residential proxy. Choose the country according to Kameleo’s profile.


  3. Set the protocol and choose user name option for authentication. (You can also whitelist your IP and use that further information:
    Your channel is now listed on Channel Management. Now, you need to copy-paste the data to Kameleo’s profile.


  4. The channel information contains the proxy server address, port, and Authentication password. Your user name is your account name. If everything is filled, click on START.


  5. And you can instantly enjoy the benefits of the Dove proxy.


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