Quick start guide for Advanced Plan

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The Advanced plan includes every feature of the Basic plan and you can use the Cookie Editor and start iOS and Android profiles in our Mobile browser or on Desktop emulated in our custom-built Chromium.

Mobile profiles

With Kameleo you can also change the browser fingerprint on your mobile device. (VM is also supported)

You can filter and choose from thousands of iOS and Android mobile profiles.

IMAGE 1 - Select mobile profile.png

If you already installed Kameleo mobile application, then just filter and select a mobile profile on Kameleo Desktop Application. (How does Kameleo work?) If you click on start, then you will start a mobile profile on your desktop. This is recommended for most applications.

IMAGE 2 - Mobile profile on desktop.png

Alternatively, you can start a mobile profile by connecting to the External Spoofing Engine with your mobile.

IMAGE 3 - Connection box.png

If you are connected to the External Spoofing Engine, then you can browse the web with full anonymity on your mobile.


How to use the Mobile profile, we recommend checking this article: Mobile profiles – Change browser fingerprint on Android

Cookie Import & Export

You can import, export, select or modify any cookie with the Cookie editor. Cookie Manager – Import & Export cookie history from other browsers

GIF 2 - cookie manager.gif


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