Browsers built-in to Kameleo

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Kameleo is shipped with two different browser engines: Chroma and Junglefox.

Both browsers are based on popular browsers, but our team natively modified them to support undetectable browser fingerprint spoofing.

Browser name Based on Emulates
Chroma Chromium Chrome, Edge, Safari profiles
Junglefox Firefox Firefox profiles

Benefits of having two different built-in browsers

1) Each Base Profile should be emulated by a browser that is natively similar to it.

2) If you are looking for the best compatibility with target websites and want a perfect success rate, you should always experiment with both browser families. One may be better than the other.

3) You can always select the one that is more convenient for you. If you got used to the Firefox browser, you should work with Firefox profiles.

Which browser do you recommend?

Using Windows-Chrome and Windows-Firefox profiles has the best results on most sites.

Most of our customers use Chrome profiles.

Each website has its own set of requirements for working correctly, so it's always a good idea to experiment with different browsers. Generally, we recommend creating a Kameleo profile that matches the host device's operating system (e.g., Windows 10). If you're having problems, you can resolve your issue by switching to a different browser. If you still have compatibility issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What about Google Chrome support?

Using Spotify or Netflix? Unfortunately, this is not fully supported by Chroma yet. We also stopped supporting Google Chrome since Kameleo v3 because we couldn't modify it natively, and it resulted in some compatibility issues with websites. If you still want to use Google Chrome, use Kameleo v2.11.4.

If you are interested in using Spotify with Chroma, please get in touch with us through the help center, as we already planning this feature.

No more native Edge support?

As we couldn't modify natively Edge, we stopped the native support. However, running an Edge profile with Chroma has excellent results.

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