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Kameleo has multiple browser engines, which means it can be used for all different kinds of web browsing tasks. This is a big plus if you’re trying to mimic the fingerprint of a real user as naturally as possible. The other big advantage of using multiple browsers is that you get to choose the user interface you like best.

Browsers supported by Kameleo

We offer two different types of browsers: official and custom-built ones. An official browser is an exact copy of the original one, but we control it in a way that makes your browser fingerprint naturally unique and improves your privacy. On the other hand, we create customized browsers that contain more invisible alterations to the browser's core, allowing us to provide more powerful invisibility features. Each version has its pros and cons, but all of them work perfectly with Kameleo's stealth browsing platform.

Official browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

Custom-built browsers:

  • Firefox by Kameleo
  • Chromium by Kameleo

Which browser do you recommend?

For the best experience, users should leave their browser launcher set on automatic. This will ensure that they're using the correct browser for any given profile they create.

If you want the best possible experience using Google's services, like Gmail and YouTube, we recommend our custom-built Firefox. Google has a better understanding of its own Chromium-based browser, which means it is easier for them to check for browser fingerprint changes across all of its services.

Using Spotify or Netflix? We recommend that our users use our unmodified Google Chrome browser when visiting these websites for maximum compatibility. This browser has all the required audio and video codecs pre-installed for a smooth playback experience.

Visiting other sites? Each website has its own set of requirements for working correctly, so it's always a good idea to experiment with different browsers. As a general rule, we recommend creating a Kameleo profile that matches the host device's operating system (e.g., Windows 10) and using the automatic launcher option. If you're having problems, you may be able to resolve your issue by switching to a different browser. If you still have compatibility issues, please feel free to contact us.

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