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One of the simplest ways to change your IP with Kameleo is to connect to a proxy provided by Oxylabs.

They offer Datacenter, Residential, Next-Gen Residential, Static Residential, and SOCKS5 Proxies. 

They provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool and there is no need to deal with captchas. Oxylabs' Next-Gen Residential Proxies employ HTML parsing based on machine learning algorithms. They are also fitted with an AI-powered anti-captcha solution, making captchas and IP ban a thing of the past. Go ahead and gather even the most complex data with confidence. Next-Gen Residential Proxies also employ multiple auto-retry methods, allowing every request you make to be pushed to its limits to achieve the highest success rates.

You can read full of the documentation about their service here.

Using Kameleo with Oxylabs proxy

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