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One of the simplest ways to change your IP with Kameleo is to connect to a proxy provided by Bright Data (formerly: Luminati). They have the largest residential proxy network in the world. You can find more than 72 million IPs from more than 195 countries.

See our article about the importance of proxies and the comparison between residential and datacenter proxies.

In this tutorial, we introduce Bright Data's service and show you how you can integrate Bright Data proxies into Kameleo.


Bright Data offers 4 different IP networks: Data-Center, Residential, Static Residential (ISP), and Mobile.


  • This is the cheapest solution (~$0.6 / GB). The IP addresses you can get from this network are allocated for data centers.
  • PROs: These proxies are always available, so if you start using one of them, it won't go offline during your browsing session. And they are also very fast.
  • CONs: These IP addresses can be blacklisted by websites as they are not "real user's" IP addressed.


  • These are real people's IPs. When you are using this network your internet traffic will go through a real person's real device. This is the biggest available network.
  • PROs: They are never blacklisted as websites see them as real users. There are 72+ Million IPs available on this huge network.
  • CONs: It cannot be forced to have the same IP address during your whole browsing session as these "real proxies" can go offline at any moment. But don't worry you will receive another IP address immediately, and you can force it to be in the same country and city.

Static Residential (ISP) 🔥

  • This network offers real residential IPs directly through Internet Service Providers.
  • PROs: You can force a "session IP", so your IP will stay the same while you browse with your virtual browser profile. They provide the same quality as the residential proxies, but they are also faster.
  • CONs: More expensive than the previous ones. There are just 110000+ IPs available on this network.


  • This network is very similar to the Residential network but the proxy devices are connecting the internet through a 3G/4G mobile connection instead of WiFi.
  • PROs: Probably the best quality of IPs There are 7+ Million IPs available on this network.
  • CONs: Most expensive solution while a session IP cannot be forced.

Using Kameleo with Bright Data proxy

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