How to set up WebRTC spoofing in Kameleo?

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First, here is a recommended video on how WebRTC works and how can you spoof it Kameleo.

Here you can read more about how WebRTC works: WebRTC leak

WebRTC spoofing settings in Kameleo

WebRTC spoofing has 4 options in Kameleo: Automatic, Manual, Block and Off.

See the screenshots on every option. We used the same Belgian profile in each case.

  • First, you can set the WebRTC to Off. In this case, your real IP can leak on the websites.

  • You can also block the WebRTC. This can be suspicious to the websites.

  • You can also add WebRTC IP values manually. Please read further about this topic, if you would like to use it.

  • We recommend leaving this setting on Automatic. Kameleo will spoof this value based on the Proxy’s data.


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