How to set up Time zone spoofing in Kameleo?

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You can check this short video about Time zone and its spoofing in Kameleo.

You can get more information about time zone by checking our article on this topic: System time zone

Time zone spoofing settings in Kameleo

You have three options to set the time zone spoofing in Kameleo.

  • You can set it Off. In this case, the website will see your computer’s time zone. This can be problematic because other elements of your browser fingerprint will probably suggest that you are trying to mask your identity.

  • The second option is Manual. You can set your time zone based on your preference. Be careful, it must be consistent with your proxy’s (if you have one) time zone.

  • The default setting is Automatic. In this case, Kameleo will set your time zone. If you are using a proxy, it will adjust the time zone to the time zone of the proxy’s location. We recommend leaving time zone settings on Automatic.


Time zone in global settings

You can set a default value for the time zone spoofing mode for every new profile in the global settings.


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