How to set up Geolocation spoofing in Kameleo?

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Here's a short video that demonstrates how Geolocation API works and how Kameleo handles it.

You can also check our article on how Geolocation works: Geolocation API

Geolocation spoofing settings in Kameleo

You have four options to set the Geolocation spoofing in Kameleo.

  • You can turn the Geolocation spoofing off. In this case, Kameleo won’t spoof your geolocation, therefore the website will see your real location.

  • You can set it on Block, where Kameleo will deny the website access to the Geolocation API. If you deny your Geolocation, you can appear suspicious to websites.

  • You can set up your Geolocation manually. In this case, you can provide the Latitude and Longitude of the required location, which will be visible on websites. The Location selector tool can help you with this. It is only important that you need to be in the same country as your proxy.

  • The default and the recommended option is Automatic. Kameleo will use the proxy data for spoofing your geolocation.


Location Selector

You set your location with the Location Selector also. Just type an address or move the pin on the map for the location, you would like to show.


Geolocation in global settings

You can set the geolocation spoofing for every new profile in the global settings.


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