How to set up Canvas spoofing in Kameleo?

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More information on how Canvas works: HTML Canvas

Canvas spoofing settings in Kameleo

  • If you turn it Off, then Kameleo won't alter the canvas rendering mechanism so websites will see the values of the canvas from your computer.

  • If you select Block, then Kameleo will completely block the Canvas functionality in the browser, so no images will be drawn and canvas fingerprinting won't work. This can be suspicious.
  • You can click on Noise, then Kameleo will change the canvas rendering mechanism randomly, so you will get a unique image with a unique image hash for each of your virtual browser profiles.

  • Our recommendation is to use Intelligent Canvas Spoofing Option. This method alters the operation of your HTML canvas, resulting in a non-unique, but modified canvas image hash.


If you want to get more details about Intelligent Canvas Spoofing, please check out this article. Also you can watch a video about it:

Canvas spoofing in global settings

In the main Kameleo Settings, you can set a default value for the canvas spoofing option: Kameleo settings

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