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We recommend that you read the Getting started with Kameleo Automation article before reading this one.

With Kameleo, you can fine-tune the browsers by passing command-line arguments. The arguments are passed either by using the startProfileWithOptions function or with a POST request to the /profiles/{guid}/start endpoint. See the documentation on SwaggerHub for details.

Please note that some of the command line arguments are blacklisted as they may interfere with Kameleo. Blacklisted flags:

  • --incognito
  • --disable-infobars
  • --disable-gpu
  • --disable-blink-features
  • --disable-3d-apis
  • --user-data-dir
  • --user-agent
  • --remote-debugging-port
  • --enable-automation
  • --profile

For example, you can mute the Chromium-based browsers by setting the --mute-audio command line flag during the profile launch with the following code snippet:

  • await client.startProfileWithOptions(, {
      body: {
        argumentsProperty: [

    See the full example here.

  • await client.StartProfileWithOptionssAsync(profile.Id, new WebDriverSettings
      Arguments = new List<string> { "mute-audio" },

    See the full example here.

  • client.start_profile_with_options(, WebDriverSettings(

    See the full example here.

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