How to start a stealth browser with a proxy?

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We recommend that you read the Getting started with Kameleo Automation article before reading this one.

We have a separate article about why you need to use a good residential proxy to have the best protection while you are using Kameleo. If you are not familiar with the proxy providers please see our recommendations.

With the built-in proxy manager, you can easily integrate any proxy provider with Kameleo even through the Local API.

  • const createProfileRequest = BuilderForCreateProfile
          host: '<proxy_host>',
          port: <proxy_port>,
          id: '<username>',
          secret: '<password>',
    const profile = await client.createProfile({ body: createProfileRequest });

    See full example here.

  • var createProfileRequest = BuilderForCreateProfile
      .SetProxy("socks5", new Server("<proxy_host>", <proxy_port>, "<username>", "<password>"))
    var profile = await client.CreateProfileAsync(createProfileRequest);

    See full example here.

  • create_profile_request = BuilderForCreateProfile \
      .for_base_profile(base_profiles[0].id) \
      .set_recommended_defaults() \
      .set_proxy('socks5', Server(host='<proxy_host>', port=<proxy_port>, id='<username>', secret='<password>')) \
    profile = client.create_profile(body=create_profile_request)

    See full example here.

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