NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID - issue in Kameleo v1.9.7

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If you are still using Kameleo v1.9.7 you might have faced an issue lately. This is because a certificate has been expired on the 12th of December 2021. We planned to shut down this version until now, but still, there is a big need for it from our community as you have built your infrastructure on that version. So, we keep it running and we provide you with a solution.


If you see a NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID issue when you try to open a website, here in this article, we provide you a workaround so you will still be able to use this version.

Please note that we suggest you to download our latest version of Kameleo v2 instead of fixing v1.9.7

Override KameleoCA.pfx

First, you need to exit Kameleo.

You need to download KameleoCA.pfx and override the existing one with it. You can find it in your program's Configs folder. By default:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Kameleo Team/Kameleo/Configs


Install public.crt

After this you need to download public.crt. And you need to install it into your Local Machine's public root certificate store. Simply double-click the file and follow the wizard as we show below.


Click Install Certificate...


Select Local Machine and click Next.


Select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse. Then select Trusted Root Certification Authorities.


Click Finish.

After this you should be able to use Kameleo 1.9.7 properly again.

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