Troubleshooting cryptocurrency payments (CoinGate)

All crypto transactions on our website are processed by a third-party payment gateway called CoinGate. This is a 2-step process; first, the customer has to send the cryptocurrency to CoinGate; secondly, they send us the settlement in fiat currency. For this reason, only CoinGate can help to recover any incomplete crypto transactions.

This situation is very similar to sending a regular letter via a local postbox; if you don’t put enough stamps on your letter, the sender cannot do anything to receive it because the letter gets stuck in the post office.

First of all, please note that processing a crypto transaction can take up to 2 hours. Suppose your payment is not completed in this timeframe or looks underpaid, invalid, or expired. In that case, you must contact CoinGate to resolve the issue by accepting your payment or giving you a full refund.

First please contact their support at​​ and choose option Shopper.


Select the best option based on your problem and fill out the form accordingly to your payment information.


Please describe your issue and make sure that you have written down every important piece of information. (Kameleo order number, Blockchain transaction, your Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ether address - where you would like to have the refund, etc.)


Don’t forget to attach every proof you have about your payment!

Most likely they will give you a form for a refund, but they will give you useful information about your order/issue.

If you tick the Accept payment if possible,… then they may confirm the payment and we can activate your subscription.



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