Automation with Selenium vs. Puppeteer

If you want to automate web browser activity with Kameleo you have 2 main choices.


We recommend you to use the built-in browsers and control them with Selenium.

We support 4 built-in browsers (Chromium, Chrome, Firefox,  Edge). The Chromium and the Firefox are custom builds so they work with the most consistent browser fingerprint. Please read this article to understand more: Base profile's browser vs. Launcher browser

The built-in browsers can be controlled through the Selenium interface (W3C protocol) and websites won't detect it thanks to the Selenium Stealth WebDriver solution.

Here you can find a couple of code examples:


If you are not convinced with the above solution you can still use Puppeteer but this is less recommended.

In this solution, you start the External Spoofing Engine and you connect your browser that is started by Puppeteer to it. Here the quality of the modified browser fingerprint is not so perfectly consistent as for the built-in Chromium and Firefox.

You can see the whole example here:


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