Unable to start Kestrel

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If Kameleo is not starting and you see the below lines on your logs or on the console here is what you have to do.

[22:34:57] [INF] Started Kameleo CLI v2.1.0.0 on port 5050.
[22:34:57] [INF] With the following arguments: ["email=YOUR@EMAIL.COM"].
[22:34:57] [INF] Authentication started with email YOUR@EMAIL.COM.
[22:34:58] [INF] Authentication successful, waiting for commands.
[22:34:58] [FTL] Unable to start Kestrel.
[22:34:58] [FTL] Application startup failed.
[22:34:58] [INF] Application terminated

Most likely this happens because the port where Kameleo tries to start is already taken.

The starting port is written in to the appsettings.json file in your program folder

"ListeningHost": "+",
"ListeningPort": 5050,
"Verbose": 1

By default the value is port 5050. If you want you can change it so it won't interfere it with another program.

But most likely port 5050 is taken by another instance of Kameleo. Please check Task Manager and make sure no other Kameleo instance is running.

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