Setup Kameleo with ABM Proxy

One of the simplest ways to change your IP with Kameleo is to connect to a proxy provided by  ABM Proxy. They have premium static residential proxies. As a Kameleo user, you can get 1 GB for $3 for 24 hours or make the first payment over 10$ and they will double it.

See our article about the importance of proxies and the comparison between residential and datacenter proxies.

In this tutorial, we show you how you can integrate ABM Proxies into Kameleo.


What is ABM.NET?

It’s a Premium Static Residential proxy service. You can choose and set up proxies according to your needs. ABM.NET has a wide selection of countries, cities, and ISPs. Super convenient types of authorization by whitelist or login/password. Safe browsing and protection from information leakage. Integration of ABM.NET proxies with Kameleo will ensure the security of your data.

Set up authorization type

I suggest you to set up Password as an authorization type for the ABM Proxies.


You can do this on the Profile settings page. This way it will be easier to connect to your proxies from anywhere.

Create a new ABM Proxy

You can select Country, State, City for proxies. I suggest you to select proxies with 100% uptime, so you will always be able to use them.


Set up Kameleo profile with ABM Proxy

Once the proxy is created on the ABM Proxy website you can browse the proxy list.


Select the required one and fill in the proxy information on Kameleo's profile edit page.


Don't forget to add the username and password as well.

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