Setup Kameleo with AWM Proxy

One of the simplest ways to change your IP with Kameleo is to connect to a proxy provided by AWM Proxy. They have the fastest anonymous proxies. You can find more than 400 000 IPs from almost every country. What we like in their service is that they have pure time-based subscriptions (tariffs as they call). This means that you can have an unlimited number of proxies with unlimited bandwidth within the billed period.

See our article about the importance of proxies and the comparison between residential and datacenter proxies.

In this tutorial, we show you how you can integrate AWM Proxies into Kameleo.


AWM Proxy Pricing

What we like is that once you pay a certain period you have unlimited access to their proxies and there is no bandwidth control. This is very useful when you are using automation.

See their pricing page for different types of proxies and their prices. All of them are residential proxies.

  • Basic: 95 USD / 30 days: This is our basic tariff perfectly suiting for a wide range of tasks, where you don't need too much proxy. This tariff is not recommended for the most popular services, as a proxy of this tariff might be used too often on such services
  • Standard: 195 USD / 30 days: This tariff is a perfect choice for the majority of professional tasks and can be used on popular services. You'll have access to 20 000 proxies from all over the world. Perfect variant for work with Facebook,, avito, yandex, and other frequently used services.
  • VIP: 350 USD / 30 days: Our most expensive and powerful tariff. This tariff was made for the most exacting buyer, we provide maximal access to our entire database of proxy. There are 4000 flows on this tariff, which is another great benefit allowing to use proxy as quickly as possible.
  • Google & Instagram: 450 USD / 30 days: We recommend this tariff for work with IP Google&Instagram The work with Instagram is possible with this tariff only!
  • Mailing: 950 USD / 30 days: This rate is perfect for mailing. Currently, this is the best solution for mass mailing on the Internet

You can purchase proxies for 1 day as well.

Whitelist your IP address

In order to make AWM Proxy work, you have to whitelist your IP address. It means that connecting to their proxies will only work from the whitelisted IP (from your computer).


Browse proxies

You can simply list their available proxies.


Or you can use API to filter them. Simply click API Info to see their guide.


First, it may be difficult to understand how it works, but I try to explain it.


A list of URLs is given that you can open in the browser. You need to use special "query" parameters to filter the proxy list. See it in action, add your API key to the following URL and see the result.


A list of proxy connection IP and port is given that you can use to set up your Kameleo profile

Set up Kameleo profile with AWM Proxy

Simply add the Proxy IP and Port to the profile edit page on Kameleo.


Please note that on the proxy list the proxy IP and the actual IP will be different but it won't affect the efficiency.


Free proxies

They have a couple of free proxies to test. See their list.



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