What is the difference between the Base profile’s browser and the Launcher Browser?

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In Kameleo v2 we introduced the Launcher settings. To understand this, first please read the article about the Base Profiles.

To summarize the article about the Base Profiles, there are data about the browser in the base profile. Once you start a profile it will derive the data related to the browser from the base profile. So if you start a Safari profile, websites will see your browser as a Safari, despite on Windows a Chromium is opening.

What is the Launcher Browser?

  • In Kameleo on the profile edit page's browser box, there is a More button.
  • There you can find the Launcher Option


  • With this, you can specify which browser you want to launch when you are starting the profile.

We recommend you to leave this option on Automatic because that has the best result. For example, a Chrome profile is not working perfectly in a Firefox browser. (More information)

If you leave it on automatic, the following rules will apply:

Browser Product of the Base Profile Browser Engine started
Chrome Custom-built Chromium
Safari Custom-built Chromium
Firefox Custom-built Firefox
Edge Unmodified Edge
Mobile External

You may notice that we start Chromium instead of Chrome. Please note that the packed Chromium and Firefox are modified by our team, so they provide a more natural browser fingerprint than the original Chrome and Firefox. So, we recommend you launch Chromium or Firefox. If you prefer to work with the other browsers, you have the opportunity. Actually, Edge is working very well with Chromium as well (because Edge is a Chromium-based browser)

What is External?

We created a separate article for the External Spoofing Engine which applies when one selects the External as the Launcher option.

Default settings

A default can be set for the Launcher in the Global Settings.


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