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This article will help you to set up Kameleo v2 with the 911 S5 Client using the built-in proxy manager. You can find a solution to set up Kameleo with with Proxifier, but the preferred way is using the built-in proxy manager.

We recommend you to use because for $28 you receive 150 good residential SOCKS5 proxies without any time limit for using them. You can filter the proxies by region. This is a convenient and cheap solution to get a good proxy for your virtual browser profiles.

Things you will need

  • account and their Client (911 S5 Client)
  • Kameleo v2

Set up

  • Login to the client
  • Add a random program to the program list (We won’t use it because we will set up a global proxy in the program, but it is recommended. Otherwise the 911 S5 Client doesn’t let us choose a proxy)


  • Configure the Settings


    • Take the checkbox out from the ‘Auto change TimeZone’ (Kameleo will handle this)
    • Select Custom Proxy Port. We set up 24450, we recommend using this. (Don’t forget to click Save button)
    • Take the checkbox out from the ‘Auto close program when change proxy’ (Don’t forget to click Save button)
    • Select Other Proxy Tools (We will still use Proxifier, but we don’t like how the 911 S5 Client is changing the settings of Proxifier if you select ‘Proxifier Standard Edition’)
  • Choose a proxy from the ProxyList


  • Double click one of them

Set up Kameleo

  • In Kameleo, on the profile edit page, in the Connection box find the Proxy settings.
  • You need to select SOCKS5 proxy as a type.
  • You need to set up the host as (please don't use "localhost")
  • And set up the port you provided before (24450)
  • You don't need to set up any Authentication as the 911 S5 Client will handle it.



If you need, you can use Kameleo and 911 S5 Client to connect different profiles to different proxies. We created an article where we showcase that. There you can find a video about this as well.

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