How can I upgrade or cancel my subscription?

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Upgrade subscription

Visit My Account page, select your current subscription and click on UPGRADE.


You will only have to pay the difference in price, which will be calculated by our billing system.

You can also upgrade the number of users. If you would like to purchase more than 3 users (on Automation plan 2+ users), please contact support for discounts.

Cancel subscription

If you pay with a credit card we will be able to renew your subscription automatically by charging you the next billing period’s price.

You can cancel your subscription anytime: Visit the My Account page, select your active subscription and click CANCEL. You will still be able to use our services until the end of your current billing cycle, but it won’t be renewed automatically.

Other payment methods are not based on recurring payments, so you won’t be charged automatically. If your subscription expires, a new order will be created. Unless you visit the checkout page and pay explicitly your subscription won't renew automatically.

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