External Spoofing Engine – Connect any browser to Kameleo

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When you are initially creating an Android profile, which you wish to use via an Android device, you'll be presented by two options, as on the screenshot below. It's essential to know that all Android profiles are created for Desktop use by default. In order to have the profile utilized via an Android device. make sure to select the "Mobile (Android)".


The External Spoofing Engine is a separate process that is managed by Kameleo. External browsers (such as your mobile device's browser) can connect to it as an HTTP proxy.

Once the profile is started the connection info is printed by Kameleo. For your Android device, you can simply use the QR code to connect, or manually input the connection details into the Kameleo app.


If by some mistake you close the connection details window, you will be able to open it up again by clicking on the three dots "..." and then proceeding to click on "Connection Details" this will open a new window where you will be able to read the connection details.



In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits to be had whilst using the External Spoofing Engine, we also highly recommend that you take a look at our Mobile Profiles on Desktop

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