How do I install browser extensions automatically?

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You can load your browser extensions into your browser in Kameleo. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Getting the extension file (.crx, .xpi)

First, you need to get the extension files. For Chrome and Edge, you will need to download the .crx file.

You have to visit the chrome extension market. Then select the required extension and copy the URL.


Then you need to find an online tool that will help you to download the .crx file. We found this tool useful:


You simply paste the URL of the extension and you can download the file

For Firefox, visit the site. By clicking on the selected extension, just save the .xpi file.


Set up the extension in Kameleo

On the Virtual Browser Profile edit page, you can click More on the Browser box. Then load the downloaded extension.


Once you start the browser, the extension will be loaded automatically.


Load extension by default

You can also set up the extension by default to every profile in the Kameleo settings.


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