Kameleo Local API

If you want to control Kameleo from code this is what you are looking for.

Once you start Kameleo.CLI.exe on your PC, a local API will be available that you can use to automate all tasks in Kameleo. You can simply call the Local REST API from your code (C#, NodeJS, Java, Python, Javascript, etc.) and perform everything you can do on the graphical interface, such as creating, starting, and saving a profile.

To help your work we have created a NuGet package for .NET C# developers, an NPM package for Javascript / NodeJS developers, and a PyPI package for Python developers. With these packages, you can start a Kameleo profile with ~10 lines of code. Please see the README of the above packages for quickstart guides. Please also consider checking our GitHub Repository with plenty of examples.


Once the browser is started for the profile you can control it through the W3C WebDriver protocol by simply calling Selenium command from your code. And websites won't notice the presence of WebDriver. See the above packages' README files for examples. (There is a workaround for Puppeteer as well, but the recommended solution is using Selenium)

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