Using Kameleo with Oxylabs proxy

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Oxylabs offers residential HTTP proxies, so you will have to select HTTP as a Proxy on the Profile Edit Page. If you want to have random rotating IP-s set the proxy

  • hostname:
  • proxy port: 7777

You will be authenticated by the username and password.

  • proxy Username: customer-{Your Oxylabs username}
  • proxy Password: {Your Oxylabs password}

This will result in a rotating residential IP address. So, on every website, you will have a new random IP address.

Coupon code - Discount

For Kameleo users Oxylabs can offer a discount. Use the following code to get a 30% discount on all your Oxylabs Proxy purchases.

Coupon Code: prxy30

Visit the Oxylabs website to see their wide range of proxies.

Specific country

If you would like to have the IP address from a specific country during the whole browsing session. You must provide a different Proxy Server. Please see the available country and Proxy Server pairs.

Some of the countries:


Kameleo with Oxylabs Sticky IP

If you use a sticky proxy Oxylabs will return the same IP with every new request during your browsing session. You need to connect the Proxy Server on different ports to force different sticky IPs.

IP stickiness works for up to 10 minutes. After that, the IP is replaced with a new one.

You will have to set it up on the proxy's port field.


You can see the specific ports for each country:



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