How can I buy Kameleo with PayPal?

We do our best to provide multiple payment options worldwide, during the checkout you can see all available payment methods. Currently, we do not accept credit cards or PayPal payments directly, however you can still pay via PayPal using Neosurf cards.

Buy Neosurf voucher with PayPal

The easiest way to use your PayPal funds to pay on our site is the following:

  1. Buy Neosurf vouchers with PayPal on any of these websites:
  2. Choose the Neosurf payment option during the checkout when buying Kameleo subscription
  3. You may need to combine multiple vouchers before your payment, see details below
  4. A few minutes after the successful payment your account will be activated

How to combine multiple Neosurf vouchers

Unfortunately, you can only use 1 Neosurf voucher code during the payment, so if you have multiple vouchers with smaller amounts, you have to combine them to 1 Neosurf voucher. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Card.
  3. Enter the PIN code of the voucher you would like to add funds to and click on Submit.
  4. Select the Transfer credit option.
  5. Enter the PIN code of the voucher that you wish to debit funds from and click on Submit.

The funds will be transferred immediately as long as the balance on the voucher you intend to deposit with does not exceed 250 EUR. Once the funds have been transferred you can use that voucher to pay on our website.

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