Setup Kameleo with Proxifier & Vip72

Things you will need:

(We used vip72 because you asked it the most often. Check the article about

Set up vip72

  • Log in to the service
  • List required proxies
  • Double click one of them

Be careful: if Proxifier is running you may not connect, so exit Proxifier


Set up Proxifier

  • We provide you the Kameleo.ppx file
  • You can import it to Proxifier (read below).
  • Still needs some configuration

Proxy Servers

  • Go to Profile->Proxy Servers
  • Set up VIP72 as on the screenshot


Proxification Rules

  • Go to Profile->Proxification Rules
  • Set up extra rules and default rule like on the screenshot


  • Rule name Default means that all the traffic will go thru the Proxy Socks5 (VIP72)
  • Rule name Kameleo, Kameleo2a, Kameleo2s means that the app will connect to our servers directly. Without it, Kameleo won’t be able to connect
  • Rule name Localhost is also required
  • Rule name VIP72 is required, so the Vip72 Socks Client can connect to the web directly.

Set these exactly as it is in the picture. If it still not working please send a support ticket with a screenshot of your settings.

You can also download the setup provided by us. But note that you will need to make small changes in the configs as said above. Kameleo.ppx

  • In Proxifier: File->Import Profile: Select the Kameleo.ppx

Name resolution

  • To prevent DNS leaks these settings are also recommended
  • Go to Profile->Name Resolution
  • Follow the screenshot


Handling Direct connections


  • To set up correctly
  • Go to Profile->Advanced
  • Uncheck the ‘Handle Direct Connections’


We provide Kameleo.ppx file. It is a Proxifier profile file. We set up most of the above configs for you, but it still needs some review, because this is universal for all the proxy providers and needs some minor changes on different choices.

  • In Proxifier: File->Import Profile: Select the Kameleo.ppx

Set up Kameleo

  • Now as you use Kameleo, the internet traffic will go through a SOCKS5 proxy so you are all set. No need to set things up in Kameleo. Make sure that inside Kameleo the Upstream Proxy Type is set to Direct


  • Actually, also your regular internet traffic will go through the proxy. You can check it on (Except the Edge Browser)

We recommend you to set the timezone correctly to your proxy. For example, if you select a proxy from California, set the timezone to GMT-8. For even better privacy use the geolocation spoofing and set the longitude and latitude to the proxy's real location.

Problems that can occur

  • If there is no internet in Kameleo (ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED) you most likely didn’t set the Extra Rule properly. Check the screenshot above again
  • If still sees your normal IP, the Default Rule in Proxifier is not set properly.
  • The proxy you use can go down / unreachable during you use it. Then there will be no internet. You will have to pick another proxy in the Vip72 Socks Client. If the Client is not working, exit Proxifier temporarily.


We hope that with these setups you can use Kameleo with Proxifier. If still not please consider using the built-in proxy manager or send us a support ticket with a detailed description and screenshots.

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