Browser Plugins

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What are the browser plugins?

Browser plugins are preinstalled within your browser. (They are not the same as browser extensions!) Their intention is, for example, for displaying PDF documents, or for or for playing music from Spotify (WideVine). They are written outside of the core of the browser, so they can be updated easily or replaced with another plugin offering a similar service.

Why is it important to take care of browser plugins?

Installed browser plugins can be listed by websites using JavaScript, so websites can choose whether to allow or block certain functionality. The plugin names can be displayed in the device’s language so it can also be an indication of the computer’s language settings.

It can be suspicious if you are creating more browser sessions with different IP addresses, but the plugins remain the same for all the sessions.

Another red flag is when the browser and its plugin’s language settings are different. For example, when you are using an English profile but the browser plugins’ language is Chinese.

Can Kameleo spoof the browser plugins?

Certainly, in Kameleo the browser plugins come from the Base profile. It makes 100% consistent with the other settings.

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