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What is a Navigator object?

One of the core technologies of the World Wide Web is JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language and every modern browser has its own JavaScript engine which executes the codes downloaded from the website.

The websites can obtain a lot of user data using common JavaScript functionality. Using the navigator object, sites can obtain information about the visitor's operating system, user agent, system language, CPU’s architecture, browser type/version, etc.

Virtual Browser Profile's settings
Reflection on a checking site

Why does it matter to take care of the Navigator object?

The above-listed data can be retrieved from other technologies such as User-agent or HTTP headers. If there is an inconsistency in the data, websites can deny access to their services. For example, your browser has a privacy tool, which changes the User-agent and the HTTP header. But the website sees other values on the navigator object, you will receive instantly a red flag.

Kameleo can take care of your Navigator object

Based on the data reported from the past three years, there is no need to worry about navigator objects in Kameleo. The values of the Navigator object come from the Base Profile as well as the HTTP header, user-agent, etc. values. This means that your browser fingerprint will be realistic and natural.

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