Geolocation API

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Websites can use JavaScript technology called Geolocation API to find out where are you located when you are visiting the site. The website will detect your location based on different methods:

  • GPS module is supported on most mobile devices, and on some laptops.
  • Mobile phones can request coordinates from cell tower signals.
  • Location can also be determined by Wi-Fi signals. This method retrieves the BSSIDs available near the device and checks their locations in a database.

Geolocation API is not the same as the location derived from the IP

Please note that the location derived from the Geolocation API is not the same as the IP's location.

Basically, a website has 2 different ways to tell the user's location:

Get the location of the IP

Like this website, websites can tell the location based on the IP. These are stored in databases. Google Maps is using this technique. Once you open the map the default location will be the city that is derived from the IP.


Use the Geolocation API

This way websites can get a very accurate location. This is not yet a popular method to use. So, if you are not granting access to the websites to request your location, probably you won’t face any limitations. If you let websites to access your location with the Geolocation API, and it aligns with the location based on the IP, they will trust you more.

If you visit now with your regular browser. You may be asked for permission by the website to know your location. If you block it the map won't show your location, but then you can become suspicious.


Geolocation with Kameleo

Kameleo can spoof your geolocation. It will use your proxy’s location by keeping you anonym on the web. How to set up Geolocation spoofing in Kameleo?

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