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It is often asked by our customers how they can get 100% anonymity on We have an article about the receipt: How to get 100% anonymity on websites? Still, there is an often occurring problem that won’t let you have 100% anonymity: the Language different alert on

NOTE that’s anonymity indicator is not fully reliable. You can still have perfect protection if you don’t see 100% anonymity on It checks a couple of rules about your browser fingerprint and it scores your anonymity. It doesn’t mean that sites with browser fingerprint-based machine learning algorithms will score your browser fingerprint with the same score. We could make a profile that has a 20% fraud score on but on it says just 64% anonymity.

We have another article about common problems preventing you to get 100% anonymity.

Language different

The language set in your system and/or browser differs from the language your IP address county. You are possibly trying to hide yourself by anonymity means.

It happens when the language coming from the Base Profile is not matching your IP address county. This is not a problem.

For example, a computer user’s system language is French and he has an English keyboard. While he is traveling in Germany. This way the language based on his IP will be totally different from the language based on the system. But it is normal, it is not a problem, browser fingerprint-based machine learning algorithms shouldn’t warn.

So as you can see that the above configuration is totally valid. These configuration is coming from the Base Profile. So no worry. If you still looking for a 100% anonymity, search for a base profile with language that will match your IP’s location.

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