How to get 100% anonymity on websites?

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We mentioned all the features of Kameleo but here we provide a recipe for how to reach 100% anonymity on as you can see in our video:

This is like a "best practice guide". You can experiment with the settings. Please read all the articles in our knowledge base to fully understand browser fingerprinting.

Note that’s anonymity is just an indicator. You can still have perfect protection if you see 40% on Whoer. But for the best experience, we're suggesting having at least 90% anonymity based on the indicator.


Best practice

If you follow these steps, you can get the best results with Kameleo.

Select the preferred language

Selecting the preferred language is very important because for example if you speak English you will want to see the sites in English. If your activity is connected to a specific place select the correct English (for example the United Kingdom).

IMAGE 1B - Select desktop profile.png

Select the preferred Browser product

For Desktop profiles, you can select Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. This is the browser that will be visible for the websites; this is derived from the Base Profile (fingerprint). (How does Kameleo work?)

Expect the best performance out of Chroma and Junglefox.

As all major browsers push new versions to customers, we prioritize the latest versions of browsers, too. This helps with blending in and makes your fingerprint more authentic.

If you create two profiles based on the same Base Profile (fingerprint), they will be seen as different fingerprints by bot detection services.

Fine-tune the Advanced Settings

By default, the profile settings follow our recommendation. If you’d like more control or to experiment with settings, you can explore the Advanced Settings.

IMAGE 19 - Advanced-device.png

Time zone, Geolocation, and WebRTC should be left on Automatic settings. This will provide the best values based on your (proxy's) public IP address. If you want, you can change them manually. You can read more about it in the Common question's topic.

IMAGE 20 - Advanced-location.png

Set up a proxy to change your IP Address

For the best anonymity, you will have to change your IP address as well. Read this article to understand why a proxy is essential. (Why is a proxy important? How to change your IP address?)

Make sure the Profile Language and the Proxy's Country match.

We recommend using the Built-in proxy manager. We recommend you use a solid residential proxy with the SOCKS5 protocol. You can find several helpful articles about Proxies in our knowledge base.

Most important for the proxy settings:

  • The proxy country should match the Base Profile Language.
  • Residential SOCKS5 proxies are the best.
  • For 2 different profiles, never use the same proxy.
  • For 1 profile, try to use the same proxy every time. Or at least use proxies from the same region

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