How to get 100% anonymity on websites?

We mentioned all the features of Kameleo but here we provide a recipe for how to reach 100% anonymity on as you can see it in our video. This is like a "best practise guide". You can experiment with the settings. Please read all the articles in our knowledge base to fully understand browser fingerprinting.

Note that’s anonymity is just an indicator. You can still have perfect protection if you see 40% on But for the best experience, we're suggesting to have at least 90% anonymity based on the indicator.


Best practice

Please follow these steps to get the best results when you want to browse with Desktop profiles.

Select the preferred language

Selecting the preferred language is very important because for example if you speak English you will want to see the sites in English

If your activity is connected to a specific place select the correct English (for example Canadian English).


Select the preferred Browser product

For Desktop profiles, you can select Chrome, Firefox or Safari. We recommend you to use Chrome but if you have some issues you can experiment with Firefox as well.

For no limitation by websites, the latest versions of the browsers are preferred.


Pick a base profile

Pick a base profile with the timezone that will match your IP. You can also change the timezone on the profile settings page, so don't worry if you see a profile with different timezone.


Fine-tune the timezone settings if needed

The timezone should match your IP address. See the article to know what tools will help you to set up the correct timezone.


Don't change the following settings

As long as you are not an advanced user we are not recommending to change the following settings.

  • Screen Resolution
  • Web RTC
  • Leave Intelligent Canvas Spoofing checkbox checked
  • Leave WebGL Spoofing Enabled and type is Automatic
  • Leave Fonts and Plugins Spoofing checked


Set up a proxy to change your IP Address

For the best anonymity, you will have to change your IP address as well. Learn this article to understand why a proxy is important.

You have 2 opportunities to connect to Proxies


Set up location spoofing

To fully spoof your location, changing your IP is not enough, you also have to change your location that is requested through the Geolocation API.


Launch browser

  • Check if your IP is not Blacklisted nor using an Anonymizer like TOR. If yes, change the proxy and reload the page until you see 100% anonymity


We provide a video where you can see how to get 100% anonymity by using Kameleo v1.3 and the built-in Proxy management with SOCKS5 proxies.

We also provide a video where you can see how to get 100% anonymity by using Kameleo and SOCKS5 proxies (with Proxifier).

Or check out a newer video where we use Kameleo v1.5 and show what are the best practises.

If you are looking for some extra. You should check out our mobile profiles. It is said that websites are showing more trust for mobile browsers. See the video as well.

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