Why is a proxy important? How to change your IP address?

Kameleo can help you to spoof all kinds of browser fingerprints and offers a solution to connect to a proxy easily. To have full anonymity on the internet you have to change your IP address as well. You can change it by using VPN providers or Proxys.


VPN is a server you can connect to. After you connected your traffic will go through that server. So in case if you are logging into a website through a VPN server, the websites won’t see your real IP address, just the VPN’s IP address.

VPN also encrypts your traffic, so one only can see that you are communicating with one VPN server but not the traffic.

You can connect to only one VPN at a time. If you want to run multiple profiles at the same time you will have to use Proxies, otherwise, the IP will be the same for all profiles.

One thing you should note about a VPN is that as many people are using a VPN server they share their IP addresses. This way VPN server’s IP addresses can be blacklisted for multiple reasons. Some sites will block you because of the fact that you are using a VPN’s IP. This is why we suggest you use Proxies as extra protection.


Another way how you can change your IP address is by using a proxy. A proxy is another computer in the world. You connect to that computer with your machine and your internet traffic goes through it. Websites won’t see your real IP address when you are browsing on them while using a proxy.

The good thing is that there are more proxies in the world than VPNs, so you can have access to more IPs. You can easily find a proxy in most of the countries in the world. You can find one easier that is not blacklisted.

We distinguish two different types of proxies: Datacenter proxies and Residential proxies.

Datacenter proxies

There are proxy providers who have plenty of IP addresses for their data center and they are providing proxies for them. These proxies can be bought for longer periods as well. Even for months. The connection speed through these proxies will be much faster since they have a good internet connection in the data center. They can be much cheaper than Residential proxies. Something like $2 / months / IP. The problem with these proxies is that there are online databases where IPs of proxies like these are stored. The fact that the IP is connected to a data center can be requested. If a website is building a system where they want to prevent proxy connections they will block connections coming from these IPs. For example, when you watch Netflix with a proxy, in some cases (if the IP is blacklisted by them) it won’t stream to you. You can try for example proxy6.net to buy data center proxies.

Residential proxies

The best way to change your IP address is to use residential IPs. These are IPs connected to custom users. If you have internet access at home, your IP is a residential IP. In online databases, the location of the IP address is stored in the case of residential proxies.

The problem with these proxies is that they are not fully controlled by a proxy provider. These machines are not sitting in a data center running 24 hours a day. You could also earn money by letting your computer be a residential proxy. But once you turn off your computer the connection will be lost. Using different IPs from the same location for 1 virtual browser profile is good enough.

Pricing for residential proxies is different.

  • 911.re are selling access to 150 proxies for $22. Once you connect to one your quota decreases. We recommend 911.re because they have no monthly expiration.
  • Vip72 is a cheaper proxy provider but there you can only use your quota for 1 month.
  • Geosurf, Bright Data (formerly Luminati), NetNut, OxyLabs are selling proxies based on the traffic. From $6/GB to $15/GB depending on how much you buy.

When you search for proxies you will see HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies. They differ by the communication type they use. We recommend you use SOCKS5 proxies. They are more secure. But Kameleo is supporting all kinds of proxies:

  • SOCKS5
  • HTTP
  • SSH

Proxies with Kameleo

Since Kameleo v1.3 connecting to a proxy is easy. You can simply set up the connection details within Kameleo. Follow this tutorial:


If you prefer to use Proxifier instead of the built-in proxy management you can follow our other tutorials:

By using socks proxies you can reach 100% anonymity on whoer.net (see it in our article how to reach it)

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