Kameleo settings

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Global Application Settings can help you use Kameleo faster. You can get this by clicking on Settings on the left menu.

Default Proxy Settings

You can set up a default proxy data to pre-fill for each new profile. Be mindful of every profile has a different browser fingerprint, therefore a matching proxy is essential.

IMAGE 18 - Proxy defaults.png

Default Profile Settings

With these settings, you can pre-set the profile creation so you will create specific profiles faster. This includes General information like OS or browser, but you can set the defaults for start page, pre-load extensions and even set specific properties like Canvas or WebGL. Each customized property will be displayed here.

IMAGE 17 - Profile defaults and software settings.png

Software Settings

You can also turn off the connection info dialog when you start or stop a mobile profile. For easier debugging, you have a shortcut for the folder where Kameleo keeps the logs.


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