Global application settings

Global application settings can help you use Kameleo faster.

Set up default language for Quick profile:

  • Read more about Quick Profiles in this article
  • It can be very annoying if you open a profile randomly and websites appear with some unknown letters in an unknown language. To prevent this use the Default System Language option in the App Settings. So websites will always appear in the required language.

Default proxy settings:

  • Every time you make a new profile these defaults will be applied
  • If you select Direct connection, the connection details (IP, port, credentials) won’t be applied
  • This can be very convenient to set up a proxy connection software like 911 S5 Client
  • Read more about built-in proxy management

Default DNS settings:

  • Here you can set up the DNS resolution type as well
  • We recommend you to use the app with Socks5 Proxies, and use Proxy type DNS resolution
  • Read more about DNS resolution and DNS leaks

Auto profile save

  • We introduced this feature, so it will be easier to run multiple profiles simultaneously.
  • If a profile is already saved to a file the auto profile save option will work if it is enabled in the app settings.
  • Every time you close the browser the profile will be saved automatically.

Default Start Page:

  • Every time you Launch the browser in Kameleo it will open this specific website.
  • The default is It feels good to see whether the spoofing is working well. Here you can check this. If you prefer another site (like you can change it here.

Selenium settings


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