How does Kameleo work?

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In this article we will make clear some basic information on how Kameleo works and how can every customer be a confident user.

What are the Base profiles?

A base profile contains all the information that specifies your browser fingerprint. Several of them can be configured manually, but some of them are not. This technique of browser fingerprint spoofing results in a consistent browser fingerprint, which makes you undetected on the web.

Data inherited from the base profile:

Base Profiles are coming from real devices from all over the world. They are harvested by our team, tested against dozens of machine learning algorithms, and configured for use in bypassing security systems.


If you click on New Profile, you can create profiles by selecting your Language, Device Type, OS and Browser.

IMAGE 1B - Select desktop profile.png

All profiles are unique. If you select the profiles with the same attributes, they will have a different browser fingerprint. You have the option to select a new fingerprint with the same settings, by clicking the New Fingerprint button in the top right corner of the overview section.

IMAGE 1C - Select desktop profile new fingerprint.png

What is a Virtual Browser Profile?

IMAGE 4 - Dashboard.png

The Virtual Browser Profiles are listed on your Dashboard. They can be saved in .kameleo files and store the following:

  • every setup of the browser fingerprint from the Base profile
  • your settings, e.g. proxy or manual geolocation
  • cookies
  • browsing history
  • add-ons
  • bookmarks
  • notes

You can save, load and share these files. Here is a video about the process:

Or an article: Save and load Virtual Browser Profiles

Also, we would like to mention here, that we do not recommend using any fingerprint blocker application and extensions. More information: Why not use fingerprint blockers?

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