What are the base profiles?

As mentioned in the article about profiles, a profile contains a bunch of configurations that specify your browser fingerprint. Many of them can be configured in Kameleo, but many of them are inherited from the Base Profile. It is required so your configuration will be like a real one.

Imagine that a browser fingerprint is like a mask. If you make every detail of it, it may look like a gnome. Instead we use basic real life person looking masks and we just configure little parts of it, like the eye and hair color. This way the output will be consistent, bulletproof and look like a real browser configuration.

Some other privacy tools may tell you that you can change your browser fingerprint with it but they won't work in a consistent way like with Kameleo.

Base Profiles are harvested by our team. They are tested against dozens of machine learning algorithms so they look like real browser fingerprints so they bypass the website's security systems. You can search in the database of the base profiles, pick your favorite, and configure it. You can filter them by:

  • Device Type (Desktop or Mobile)
  • Language and Region
  • Os type
  • Browser

Data inherited from the base profile:

  • Screen resolution (can be configured but not recommended)
  • Platform (can’t be configured)
  • User Agent (can’t be configured)
  • HTTP headers (can’t be configured)
  • Javascript Navigator Object (can’t be configured)
  • Plugins (can’t be configured)
  • Fonts (can be configured but not recommended)
  • WebGL (can be configured but not recommended)
  • Canvas (Can’t be configured, just can be turned off.)
  • Etc.

This is the most modern way of browser fingerprint spoofing. Your profile will look exactly like a real one.

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