DNS resolution | Preventing DNS leaks

A very powerful fingerprinting tool is the DNS resolution. With this, the sites force your browser to expose the DNS server your machine uses. If the DNS Server’s country differs from the country of your IP that can be suspicious for sites. It is called a DNS leak.

With Kameleo built-in proxy management you can prevent DNS leaking if you use Socks5 proxies or SSH proxies.

Options you can select:

  • Local – your machine will resolve the DNS
  • Remote – You can set up any server for DNS
  • Proxy – Your proxy will handle it (we recommend this)

Remote DNS Resolution

This can be used if you would like to explicitly provide a name resolution server.


DNS resolution managed by Proxy

The DNS requests will be handled by the Proxy you connect. This is the best option. There will be no DNS leaking since the country will always match the Proxy.



Check out our video about the DNS resolution settings.

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