WebRTC leak

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What is WebRTC?

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a set of open-source protocols for peer-to-peer web communication. It uses HTML5 and other web standards to facilitate audio and video communication, file sharing, and screen viewing.

Potential leak with WebRTC

If you set up a proxy in your browser, basically all traffic goes through it. Unfortunately, websites can use WebRTC technology to request your real private and real public IP address so your real IP address can leak despite you are using a proxy.

Public and Private IP addresses

You can check here your public and private IP addresses: https://browserleaks.com/webrtc

Your public IP should match your real (or Proxy’s/VPN’s) IP address. The private IP is the one used within your internal network. The IP you receive from your router is 192.168.x.x in most cases, but nowadays modern browsers mask it automatically and show a value like: 09bc1faf-2c6d-4d89-9f9e-8b3b2ba58043.local

How to avoid WebRTC leak?

You need to mask your WebRTC IP addresses, Kameleo can make this possible.

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