How Kameleo changes my browser fingerprint?

You may hear about other different tools and ways how to have privacy. Here is some information on why they don’t work with 100% privacy, and why using Kameleo is better than anything else.



You may hear that using a VPN service can change your IP. It is true, but it doesn’t solve the above problem. When you are using different networks (home wifi, public wifis) your IP is also changed, but the rest of the browser fingerprint remains unique. It is like a thumb fingerprint. Just because one little part is missing it is still unique. In our case, the IP is the missing part, just because you changed it you can still be traced. So when you register to an email provider with two different IPs they can still connect the two email addresses to you. This way a clever website will stop you from creating multiple accounts on the same website.

Plugins that blocks fingerprinting

You won’t be able to block all kinds of browser fingerprints, but just blocking one fingerprint puts you into a small group of users who are trying to prevent fingerprinting. This fact and other parts of your digital fingerprint makes you unique.

Also, these blocking technologies often involve the disabling of Javascript in your browser. This way modern websites won’t work properly, you will lose a lot from your user experience.

Please also note that the whole browser fingerprint should be changed in a consistent way. Simply changing your canvas and your webGL separately can cause an inconsistent browser fingerprint that will be spotted by machine learning algorithms. A demo on can tell your OS and browser based on the canvas. If you are not changing the canvas properly it will see it because it won't match the other parts of the browser fingerprint.

Whonix, TOR, Qubes OS, Tails OS

These are technologies that helps you to hide on the internet. Most of theme are different operating systems. They work pretty well for journalists, lawyers when they want to do research on the web, and still become anonymous. These are very special use-cases. They choose to operate over the TOR network with browsers that has no Javascript support. They got pretty good anonymity with a user experience as they live in the 90’s.

Using these tools will often cause you to face Google Captchas and other annoying stuff like that. It will make your work slow and won't let you operate with multiple accounts on one site.

Kameleo is the solution

Kameleo is integrating into your ordinary environment. It means you can use it on your Windows desktop with the browsers you already got used to:

  • Chrome-based Chromium
  • Firefox

Or your Android device.

You just simply start Kameleo software that will stop your browser from leaking your real digital fingerprint. If you prefer you can still connect the internet using the TOR network while using Kameleo.

Kameleo builds a protection layer between your browser and the websites you browse.

It spoofs your browser fingerprint. You can check on or that it really changes your browser fingerprint. See the articles in the browser fingerprinting technologies section to understand all parts of the browser fingerprint.

Easy to operate with multiple accounts at the same time

Another aspect that shows Kameleo's power is the case when you want to operate with multiple accounts at the same time. The above solutions will make the change between accounts difficult. But changing profiles with Kameleo is easy. You can even run multiple browsers with different IPs. See our article about it.


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