Communication error

This article is related to Kameleo v1.9.7

If Kameleo cannot connect to the internet properly, especially to our servers it will prompt you with a message like this:

Kameleo Stopped due to multiple communication errors. The application is going to close. Please save your work, check network connection and restart.


Basically, Kameleo has to communicate with our servers. The authentication, the profiles, the news are all coming from there. To let Kameleo work properly you have to ensure that Kameleo App can communicate with the internet.

If you see an error message like this, three things could happen:

  • You lost the internet connection on your machine. You can simply try to reconnect.
  • Or if you are using Proxifier it blocks Kameleo to connect to the servers.
  • Or in some cases, our servers are down temporarily due to some maintenance.

If you are using Proxifier you have to make sure you follow the tutorials properly. Every detail matters. Especially that you have to set up a Proxification Rule for A Direct connection is required.


If you didn't set up this extra rule then Kameleo will try to communicate with our servers through the proxy. Once the proxy has some problems the communication stops.


Users may worry if all this communication is safe. We can ensure that yes it is. In this article we let you know what exactly Kameleo is sending to our servers. You can use network analysis tools to check if it is true. Also, you can use an extra VPN protection layer as well.

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