Cookie import and export

Importing and exporting cookies from Kameleo is available since Kameleo v1.8. This was a most wanted feature so the members of our community are able to:

  • Transfer cookies from other systems to Kameleo
  • Get the cookies from Kameleo and use it in other systems

Please note that the cookies are also stored in your profiles. So once you save a profile to a .kameleo file it will contain the cookies as well. If you transfer the .kameleo file to another computer, the cookies will be loaded with the profile as well.

Cookie import and export from Kameleo

In the Profile window under the Tools menu, you can find the Cookie Import & Export feature. Once you click it you will see the cookies of your profile.


You can browse your cookies with ease. You can filter the cookies as well.

Export Cookies from Kameleo

Once you selected the required cookies you can simply click export. Depending on your selection the cookies will be exported to your clipboard or into a file. The cookies exported by Kameleo will have the following .json format:

         "domain": "",
         "name": "COMPASS",
         "path": "/mail",
         "value": "gmail=hjlasdflsdafmsakdfasdikads3f",
         "hostOnly": false,
         "httpOnly": true,
         "secure": true,
         "sameSite": "unspecified",
         "session": false,
         "storeId": "0",
         "expirationDate": 1568986993

This format is compatible with all the popular cookie tools. For example Edit This Cookie add-on.

Import Cookies to Kameleo

If you already have cookies that you would like to import to Kameleo you can simply do it with the Cookie Import & Export tool of Kameleo.


You can import the cookies from the clipboard or from a JSON file. The format is the same as for export, so it is compatible with all the popular cookie import and export tools like Edit This Cookie.

If you are importing cookies for a domain that already contains cookies for the profile you will be prompted with the message: "There are already cookies in your profile for the following domains: … Do you want to override them?"

In case if you click No, nothing will happen. If you click Yes your current cookies will be overridden with the new ones.



In some cases, you can see error messages once you open the Cookie Import & Export dashboard. Something like: "Couldn’t load cookies. Unable to open database file".


This happens if you're working with a brand new profile that has never been started or an old profile that was created with an older version of Kameleo. What you only have to do is:

  1. Start the browser
  2. Wait about 10 seconds
  3. Close the browser
  4. Try to open cookies again

Most likely it will solve the problem and you will be able to open the Cookie Import & export tool for your Kameleo Profile.

Cookie import and export with browser add-on

Another workaround to import and export cookies is to use add-ons. Edit This Cookie is an add-on that both available for Chrome and Firefox.

With this tool, you can simply import and export cookies to the same .json format as Kameleo. A cookie will look like something like this:

     "domain": "",
     "hostOnly": false,
     "httpOnly": false,
     "name": "act",
     "path": "/",
     "sameSite": "no_restriction",
     "secure": true,
     "session": true,
     "storeId": "0",
     "value": "3282169001891%2F133",
     "id": 1

This plugin is able to import and export cookies from the domain you are visiting.

Cookie import and export for Chrome profiles – Edit This Cookie add-on

Once you started your browser you will have to install the Edit This Cookie add-on.


With the export button, you can easily export the cookies from the website you are visiting. You can paste them to notepad or you can save them to .json files.


After that, if you want to import the cookie to the given site you should install the add-on to the other browser and use the import button and insert the cookie that you exported before.

Cookie import and export for Firefox profiles – Cookie Quick Manager add-on

The Edit This Cookie add-on is available for Firefox as well. But we recommend you to use Cookie Quick Manager if you want to import cookies as well.

You can export cookies from the given website if you choose the "save all to file" and it will download a cookies.json file to your downloads folder.


After that, you can import the cookies to another browser by installing the plugin. Then click “restore cookies from file” and choose what you saved before and your cookies will be what is in the JSON file.


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